Carole Matthieu

by Louis-Julien Petit with Isabelle Adjani, Corinne Masiero, Lyes Salem, Ola Rapace. France 2016, 86’, engl and it. sub.

Louis-Julien Petit, Fanny Burdino, Samuel Doux,  Marin Ledun
Music Laurent Perez Del Mar
Editing Nathan Delannoy, Antoine Vareille
Cinematography David Chambille
Set Decoration Arthur Deleu

A  workplace physician in a company with stifling managerial techniques, Carole Matthieu tries in vain to alert hers superiors to the consequences of their actions. When an employee pleads with her to end his suffering, Carole realizes that this might be the only solution by which to force their superiors to rethink their methods…

23/04 at 4:00 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
24/04 at 7:00 m Galleria 5
€ 3,00

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