The Lost Brother

by Israel Adrián Caetano with Leonardo Sbaraglia, Daniel Hendler, Angela Molina. Argentina-France-Spain-Uruguay 2017, 112’, v.o., engl. and it. subt.

Production Rizoma
 Israel Adrián Caetano, Nora Mazzitelli
Music Iván Wyszogrod
Editing Pablo Barbieri
Cinematography Julián Apezteguia
Costume Design María Jimena Acevedo

Cetarti,  a  public  employee  that  has  just  been  fired,  travels  from  Buenos   Aires  to  Lapachito,  a solitary town in the Chaco province. He has to take care of the corpses of his  mother and brother who  have been brutally murdered, and whom  he had no emotional bond with. The only thing that motivates Cetarti to make the trip is the possibility of cashing a small  life insurance in order to be able to move to Brazil. At Lapachito, he meets Duarte, a sort of don who runs the town and who is friends with his mothers murderer. Duarte and Cetarti form a strange alliance to process and cash the insurance money. However, Cetarti ́s stay  in Lapachito  will  not  be uncomplicated.  In  that  place  with  no  law,  where nothing  is what  it seems, he will become entagled in Duarte ́s shady business,  until  he gets  to  an outcome as surprising as inevitable.

26/04  at 4.00 pm Teatro Petruzzelli
27/04 at 7.00 pm  Galleria 5
€ 3,00



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